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America is at a crossroads for Justice. Many Americans find themselves in the uncompromising position of being falsely accused of crimes they never committed. After speaking to a number of people, I learned there is a need for protection from rogue law enforcement officials who have a history of corrupt behavior. The experience of false accusations by a police officer whose only motive is to boost his/her reputation by their high number of arrests is not acceptable.

Innocent people need a way to fight back when falsely accused by a law enforcement official who has a history of fabrication and misconduct. Why should justice be blind to the innocent? How can an innocent person be unjustifiable charged with crimes they did not commit?

We developed this program to help ensure the repeated atrocities of injustice will not be tolerated by individuals who take the oath to protect and serve. Citizens should know the history of the behavior of individuals who continue to use the badge as a way to shield themselves from consequences. This program will help to decrease the "blue wall of silence." It will also protect the citizens of America from out of control law enforcement officials.

Justice Is Not Blind--(eye).

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