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The MissinPeace™ Database stores and reports on information gathered from citizen complaints against law enforcement officers. The information is self-reported and includes complaints against local, state, and federal law enforcement officers in the United States.

As evidenced by recent headlines, law enforcement officers have manufactured and destroyed evidence, falsified records, and committed crimes for which they have arrested innocent people. Unfortunately, many citizens have lost their freedom due to rogue officers.  This is not a random occurrence, it seems as if this type of misconduct happens on a daily basis (watch the daily news). Currently, most law enforcement agencies decline to provide information regarding police misconduct and brutality. Many of the agencies are prohibited by law to provide such information. The legally protected “blue wall of silence” has allowed rogue officers to continue to operate without the fear of repercussions such as the loss of police powers or a criminal conviction. Many rogue officers move from agency to agency and locality to locality to avoid the consequences of their actions. This creates an atmosphere of fear among citizens.

The information collected by this database is intended as a resource for transparency and public accountability between citizens, law enforcement agencies, and politicians. This database seeks to tear down the “blue wall of silence” by allowing researchers, activists, and defense attorneys to obtain reports on complaints filed against law enforcement officers. It is our hope that law enforcement agencies will be proactive and use this database to obtain a clearer picture of the individuals hired to serve and protect the citizens of America.

We solicit questions and feedback as this website is constantly developing to meet the needs of citizens, researchers, activists, and attorneys.
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